About Us
Who we are:
We are Merchant's Choice
Payment Solutions for
a registered Independent Sales
Organization of  Woodforest
National Bank N.A. Of TX, an
Acquiring Bank for Visa,
MasterCard and Discover (
woodforest.com).  We are one of
the largest processors in the US
and we process over $45 million  A
DAY, or $12 BILLION  A YEAR in
credit card transactions. We are
also one of the "acquiring banks" in
the US that processes credit cards
directly from Visa, MasterCard,
Discover, American Express, Carte
Blanche, Diner’s Club and Debit
Card Networks such as Mac,
NYCE, Star, Pulse and several
others nationally. MCPS for
Campgrounds has over 600
Campground Customers!
We have found a way to create
great savings for  RV camps on
processing fees. Listed on this
page are the logos of campground
associations who's members have
benefited from our services.
Call us to save $$$ on all your processing needs
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